TNPSC Modern World History Part -2

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16. The Pope was expelled from _________ and a Republic was proclaimed under a
committee of three, of which Mazzini was one.
a) Austria b) Rome c) Sardinia d) Lombardy

17. The Austrians defeated _________ at Navora and he abdicated in favor of his son,
Victor Emmanuel II.
a) Charles Albert b) Garibaldi c) Louie Philip d) Napoleon

18. The Austrians defeated Charles Albert at  _________ and he abdicated in favor of his
son, Victor Emmanuel II.
a) Algeria b) Plombieres c) Sadova d) Navora

19.  _________ the “Bismarck” of Italy realized that without any external help, Italy
could never be free.
a)Napoleon III b) Count Cavour
c) Joseph Garibaldi d) Charles Albert

20. By a stroke of diplomatic genius,  _________ offered the services of Scandinavian troops to Napoleon III at a critical stage of the Crimean war.
a) Count Cavour b) Charles Albert
c) Victor Emmanuel II d) Hitler

21.The Italians aided by Napoleon III defeated the Austrians at Magenta and Solferino
in _________
a) 1759 b) 1789 c) 1859 d) 1879

22. The Dutchies of Tuscany, Parma, Modena and Romagna expelled their despotic rulers and joined with _________
a) Hong Kong b) Malaysia c) Sardinia d) Singapore

23. In 1860, the people of Naples and Sicily rose against the Bourbon King _________
a) Francis II b) Victor Emmanuel II
c) Queen Isabella d) Louis XVI

24.  _________ along with his volunteers landed in Sicily and annexed the two kingdoms to Sardinia.
a) Garibaldi b) Charles Albert
c) Victor Emmanuel II d) Louis XVI

25. _________ himself led an army into the Papal States and defeated the Papal forces at Casgifigaria.
a) Queen Isabella b) Charles Albert c) Victor Emmanuel d) Edward VI

26. In 1861, the first Italian Parliament except Rome met at  _________ and conferred upon Victor Emmanuel II, the title of “King of Italy.”
a) Turin b) Portsmouth c) Algeria d) Hong Kong

27.In the Astro-Prussian war of 1866, also known as the  _________  Weeks War, Victor Emmanuel II helped Prussia.
a) four b) six c) seven d) eight
28. In the Astro-Prussian war of 1866 Victor Emmanuel II helped _________
a) Prussia b) Russia c) Spain d) Poland

29. Austria was defeated at Sadova. In the Treaty of Prague that followed, Italy obtained ________ as the price of her help to Prussia.
a) Malaysia b) Portsmouth c) Venice d) Hong Kong

30. The disasters of France during the Franco-Prussian war led to the withdrawal of the French garrison from _________ which was then easily occupied by an Italian army.
a) Rome b) Russia c) Portugal d) Spain

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