TNPSC Important History Questions with Answers - 4

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1. Under the Government of India ______ the British Crown assumed direct administration
of India in the new British Raj.
a) Act of 1658
b) Act of 1758
c) Act of 1858
d) Act of 1947
Answer: c

2. The English East Company achieved a major victory over the Portuguese in the Battle of
 ______  in 1612.
a) Buxar
b) Plassey
c) Swally
d) Trafalgar
Answer: c

3. The Seven Years' War (1756–1763) resulted in the defeat of the ______ forces.
a) American
b) British
c) French
d) Russian
Answer: c

4.Robert Clive, the Governor General of the  ______ 
a) Dutch
b) French
c) British
d) Portuguese
Answer: c

5.Joseph Fran├žois Dupleix was the commander of the  ______ forces in India.
a) French
b) British
c) American
d) Dutch
Answer: a

6. Who defeated the Spanish Armada?
a) Elizebeth I
b) Elizebeth II
c) Henry VIII
d) James I
Answer: a

7. The First Opium War started ______ 
a) 1729
b) 1736
c) 1839
d) 1939
Answer: c

8. Indian Mutiny began in  ______ 
a) 1557
b) 1657
c) 1857
d) 1957
Answer: c

9. The Company lost all its administrative powers ______ 
a) By the Government of India Act of 1658
b) By the Government of India Act of 1758
c) By the Government of India Act of 1858
d) By the Government of India Act of 1958
Answer: c

10. Who set up the dual system of administration in Bengal?
a) Robert Clive
b) Lord Wellesley
c) Dupleix
d) Lord Macaulay
Answer: a

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