TNPSC Important History Questions with Answers - 9

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1. The formation of the Indian National Congress (INC) was in the year ________ 
a) 1865
b) 1875
c) 1885
d) 1905
Answer: c

2.Zamindari Association was the ________ political association of modern India.
a) First
b) Second
 c) Third
d) Fourth
Answer: a

3. In 1907, after the passing of Col. H. S. Olcott ________ became the second International
President of the Theosophical Society.
a) Annie Besant
b) Sarojini Naidu
c) Ahalya Rangnekar
d) Bhabani Charan Mitra
Answer: a

4. ________ started The Adyar Bulletin, which continued until 1929.
a) Kamaladevi Chattopadhyaya
b) J. Krishnamurti
c) Durgabai Deshmukh
d) Annie Besant
Answer: d

5. A new period in ________ ’s life began in 1913 when she became active in Indian politics,
and gave a lead by claiming ‘Home Rule’ for India.
a) Ammu Swaminathan
b) Malati Patwardhan
c) Annie Besant
d) Ambujammal
Answer: c

6.The United Nation’s declared  ________  as the International Year of Women
a) 1875
b) 1905
c) 1878
d) 1956
Answer: b

7. Sati was declared a punishable offence in ________ 
a) 1834
b) 1729
c) 1829
d) 1727
Answer: d

8.Bengal British India Society founded in Calcutta on 20 April 1843, was the  ________ political public association to be formed in British India, the first being the
zamindari association (1837).
a) First
b) Second
c) Third
d) Fourth
Answer: b

9. The British India Society was formed in  ________ 
a) 1832
b) 1833
c) 1839
d) 1874
Answer: c

10. Who founded the Central Hindu School and College in Benares (now Varanasi)?
a) Govinda Das
b) Dr. Bhagavan Das
c)  Annie Besant
d) G. N. Chakravarti
Answer: c

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