TNPSC Important History Questions with Answers - 11

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1. The Aligarh Institute Gazette, an organ of the Scientific Society was started in March   ________ and succeeded in transforming the minds in the traditional Muslim Society.
a) 1766
b) 1866
c) 1869
d) 1870
Answer: b

2. Who founded as Mohammedan Anglo Oriental College (MAOC) at Aligarh in 1875?
a) Sir Sayyid Ahmed Khan
b) Mirza Mohammad
c) Maulana Qasim Nanotvi
d) Maulana Abdullah Ansari
Answer: a

3. The Wahabi Movement named after its founder Abdul Wahab originated in Arabia in the 18th century with a view to restoring Islam to its pristine purity and order.
a) Manipal
b) Arabia
c) America
d) Africa
Answer: b

4.  ________   second President of The Theosophical Society from 1907 to 1933, was described as a ‘Diamond Soul’, for she had many brilliant facets to her character.
a) Annie Besant
b) Krishna Mohan Banerjee
c) Hari Mohan
d) Govind Chandra Sen
Answer: a

5. Annie Besant joined The Theosophical Society on 21 May   ________  
a) 1867
b) 1878
c) 1879
Answer: d

6. In 1893  ________  represented The Theosophical Society at the World Parliament of Religions in Chicago.
a) Annie Besant
b) George Thompson
c) GF Remfry
d) Ramgopal Ghosh
Answer: a

7. In  ________  Derozio founded with his students the 'Academic Association' which organised debates on various subjects.
a) 1824
b) 1825
c) 1828
d) 1834
Answer: c

8. British Indian Association was founded on October 29, 1851 at ________  
a) Calcutta
b) Pune
c) Madras
d) Bombay
Answer: a

9.  ________  started an all-India campaign for restoring the entrance age of 21 and for simultaneous ICS examination in India.
a) Gokhale
b) S.N. Banerjee
c) Tilak
d) William Logan
Answer: b

10. Who  ________  tried to rediscover India's past.
a) Lord Lytton
b) Max Muller
c) S.N. Banerjee
d) Gokhale
Answer: b

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