TNPSC Important History Questions with Answers - 14

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1. Who of the following Governor Generals is associated with Subsidiary Alliance System?
a) Lord Cornwallis
b) Lord Wellesley
c) Lord Mayo
d) Lord Dalhousie
Answer: b

2. Who was the first Governor General of India?
a) Warren Hastings
b) William Bentick
c) Lord Dalhousie
d) Lord Canning
Answer: a

3. Who was the first Viceroy of India?
a) Robert Clive
b) William Bentick
c) Lord Dalhousie
d) Lord Canning
Answer: d

4. The title of ‘Viceroy’ was added to the center of the Governor-General of India for the first
time in
a) 1848 A.D
b) 1858 A.D
c) 1862 A.D
d) 1856 A.D
Answer: b

5. Writing Social History is the book of _______
a) Ania Loomba
b) Sumit Sarkar
c) Cohn Bernard
d) Ranajith Guha
Answer: b

6. The first Shivaji festival was held at Raigarh in _______
a) 1890
b) 1892
 c) 1895
d) 1899
Answer: c

7. Hindu Mahasabha was founded in  _______
a) 1901
b) 1906
c) 1915
d) 1925
Answer: c

8. Muslim League established in December _______
a) 1901
b) 1902
c) 1906
d) 1946
Answer: c

9.The background of the foundation of the Muslim League at  _______ on 30 December 1906 may
be traced back to the establishment of the Indian national congress in 1885.
a) Dhaka
b) Shahbag
c) Simla
d) Bengal
Answer: a

10.  _______ made a whirlwind tour of the country in 1916 and in his speeches he said, "Swaraj is
my birthright and I will have it."
a) Tilak
b) Mahatma Gandhi
c) Gokhale
d) Jawaharlal Nehru
Answer: a

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