TNPSC Important History Questions with Answers - 5

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1 ______ Permanent settlement was made in Bengal in the sphere of revenue
a) William Pitt
b) Hastings
c) William Bentic
d) Lord Cornwallis
Answer: d

2. The llbert Bill controversy during the period of Lord Ripon exposed the racial bitterness of the
British and united the Indians.
a) Lytton
b) Lord Ripon
c) Queen Elizabeth
d) Queen Anne
Answer: b

3. Raja Ram Mohan Roy was the founder of the _______
a) Brahma Samaj
b) Arya Samaj
c) Ramakrishna Mission
d) Theosophical society
Answer: a

4. Raja Ram Mohan Roy was given the title 'Raja' by the _______
a) Mughals 
b) British
c) French
d) Dutch
Answer: a

5. Who convinced the British in 1829 to outlaw Sati?
a) Raja Ram Mohan Roy
b) Swami Dayananda Saraswati
c) Lokmanya Tilak
d) Bhagat Singh
Answer: a

6. Maharishi Dayanand Saraswati was an important Hindu religious scholar, reformer, and
founder of the _______
a) Arya Samaj
b) Brahma Samaj
c) Ramakrishna Mission
d) Theosophical society
Answer: a

7. Who was the first to give the call for Swarajya – "India for Indians”?
a) Dayanand Saraswati
b) Lokmanya Tilak
c) Sri Aurobindo.
d) Bhagat Singh
Answer: a

8. Who founded India House in London and guided other revolutionaries.
a) Sri Aurobindo
b) Lokmanya Tilak
c) Shyamji Krishna Varma
d) Bhagat Singh
Answer: c

9. Satyarth Prakash was written by _______
a) Lala Lajpat Rai
b) Lala Hardyal
c) Dayanand Saraswati
d) Raja Ram Mohan Roy
Answer: c

10. Dayananda was born on February 12 in 1824, in the town of Tankara, near Morvi (Morbi) in the
Kathiawar region of the princely state of _______
a) Assam
b) Uttar Pradesh
c) Bihar
d) Gujarat
Answer: d

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