TNPSC Group 4 Expected Questions with Answers - Set - 14

1. Who decides whether a Bill is a ‘Money Bill’ or not ?
(a) Speaker of the Lok Sabha
(b) President
(c) Prime Minister
(d) VicePresident
Answer: a

2. The first geostationary satellite launched by India is
(a) Aryabhata
(b) Bhaskara
(d) INSAT 1B
Answer: c (Ariane Passenger Payload Experiment)

3. Sarkaria Commission has been set up to study
(a) Centre-State relations
(b) Inter-State relations
(c) Financial aid to States
(d) Splitting of LIC
Answer: a 

4. The Eighth Schedule of Indian Constitution contains
(a) Fundamental Rights
(b) Directive Principles
(c) A list of 22 languages recognised by the Constitution
(d) Number of States and Union Territories
Answer: c

5. Sugarcane crop matures in about
(a) 2 months
(b) 4 months
(c) 8 months
(d) 12 months
Answer: c

6. A Solution of washing soda in water is _____
(a) Acidic
(b) Basic
(c) Neutral
(d) Sour
Answer: a

7. Chloring is ______
(a) A Rare earch element
(b) A Halogen
(c) Coinage Metal
(d) A Noble Gas
Answer: d

8. What is the normal temperature of a human person?
(a) 21.7 Degree Celcius
(b) 85.1 Degree Celcius
(c) 36.9 Degree Celcius
(d) None of the above
Answer: c

9.The Indian Space Research Organisation is situated at
(a) Trivandrum
(b) Bangalore
(c) Ahmedabad
(d) Thumba
Answer: b

10. Mandal Commission report pertains to other
(a) Backward Classes
(b) Minorities
(c) Scheduled Castes
(d) Scheduled Tribes
Answer: a ( 1979 )

 {1} {2} {3} {4} {5} {6} {7} {8} {9} {10{11{12} {13{14}

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