TNPSC Group 4 Expected Questions with Answers - Set - 1

1. When Solar eclipse occurs 
(a) Earth comes between the sun and the moon 
(b) Moon is at right angle to the earth 
(c) Moon comes between sun and earth 
(d) Sun comes between moon and earth
Answer: c

2 The first metal used by the man was ____
(a) Iron 
(b) Copper 
(c) Aluminium 
(d) Gold
Answer: b

3. Gobar gas contains mainly ____
(a) Carbon dioxide 
(b) Methane 
(c) Ethylene 
(d) Carbon monoxide
Answer: b

4. Dialysis is used for a patient suffering from ____
(a) Kidney trouble 
(b) Liver trouble 
(c) Lung trouble 
(d) Bronchitis
Answer: a

5. Pulse reading is done by doctors to find out ____
(a) Temperature 
(b) Heart beat 
(c) Blood pressure 
(d) Respiration rate
Answer: b

6. The Vitamin responsible for anti-sterile activity is  ____
(a) Vitamin A 
(b) Vitamin B 
(c) Vitamin E 
(d) Vitamin D
Answer: c

7. The most common substance responsible for pollution is  ____
(a) Smoke 
(b) Carbon dioxide 
(c) Sulphur dioxide 
(d) Carbon monoxide
Answer: a

8. If a large number of people are enclosed in a room, then  ____
(a) Oxygen decreases and carbon dioxide increases 
(b) Oxygen increases and carbon dioxide decrease 
(c) Both oxygen and carbon dioxide decrease 
(d) Both oxygen and carbon dioxide increase
Answer: a

9. Higher plants take up Nitrogen as  ____
(a) Nitrites only 
(b) Nitrates only 
(c) Nitrates and ammonia 
(d) Urea
Answer: b

10. Which of the following is a balanced fertilizer for plants ? 
(a) Urea 
(b) Ammonia sulphate 
(c) Nitrates 
(d) Compost 
Answer: d

                        {1} {2} {3} {4} {5} {6} {7} {8} {9} {10}

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