TNPSC Group 4 Expected Computer Science Questions with Answers - Practice Set -7

The aspirants appearing at various competitive examinations are always in a deep need and search of comparatively easy to understand and useful study contents in Computer Science. With this key point in mind we are providing you  numerous questions for your reference that are intelligently selected and it is covering all examination oriented topics and few questions are taken from different competitive examinations.

1. 'Modem' stands for
(A) Mode emulator
(B) Modulator demodulator
(C) Maximum emulator
(D) none of these
Answer: (B)

2.  The basic operations performed by a computer are
(A) Arithmetic operation
(B) Logical operation
(C) Storage and relative
(D) All the above

3.Where was the first computer installed in India?
(A) Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata
(B) Indian Institute of Statistics, Delhi
(C) Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore
(D) Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad
Answer: (A)

4.Dialogue control and token management are responsibilities of
(A) Network layer
(B) Session Layer
(C) Transport Layer
(D) None of above

5.What is the another word for 'Graphics for a word processor' ?
(A) Clipart
(B) Execute
(C) Peripheral
(D) Highlight
Answer: (A)

6.ASCII and EBCDIC are the popular character coding systems. What does EBCDIC stand for?
(A) Extended Binary Coded Decimal Interchange Code
(B) Extended Bit Code Decimal Interchange Code
(C) Extended Bit Case Decimal Interchange Code
(D) Extended Binary Case Decimal Interchange Code

7. Which application is used to prepare a presentation/ slide show?
(A) Photoshop
(B) Power Point
(C) Outlook Express
(D) Internet Explorer
Answer: (B)

8. 'DTP' computer abbreviation stands for
(A) Desktop Publishing
(B) Data Type Processing
(C) Digital Transmission Protocol
(D) none of the above
Answer: (A)

9. Key used to move to the previous worksheet:
(A) Alt + PgUp
(B) Ctrl + PgUp
(C) Ctrl + PgDn
(D) Shift + Tab
Answer: (C)

10.We can enter and edit the text efficiently using____________
(A) Spreadsheet      
(B) Word Processing Program
(C) Typewriter            
(D) Desktop Publishing Program
Answer: (D)

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