TNPSC Group 4 Expected Computer Science Questions with Answers - Practice Set -6

The aspirants appearing at various competitive examinations are always in a deep need and search of comparatively easy to understand and useful study contents in Computer Science. With this key point in mind we are providing you  numerous questions for your reference that are intelligently selected and it is covering all examination oriented topics and few questions are taken from different competitive examinations.

1.In data transmission the bit coding scheme used to represent a byte is typically
(D) Hexadecimal

2.A network which needs human intervention for routing signal is
(A) Bus network
(B) ring network
(C) T switched network
(D) star network

3.Routing is done on which layer
(A) Datalink Layer
(B) Network Layer
(C) Session
(D) Presentation

4.Key used to move to the previous worksheet:
(A) Alt + PgUp
(B) Ctrl + PgUp
(C) Ctrl + PgDn
(D) Shift + Tab
(E) None of these
Answer: (C)

5.Which one of the following is not a search engine?
(A) Bing
(B) Google
(C) Yahoo
(D) Windows
Answer: (D)

6.Information Technology Act was enacted on _________
(A) 19 January 2001      
(B) 30 June 2001
(C) 9 June 2000              
(D) 15 July 1999
Answer: (C)

7.Which of the following is PIM software ?
(A) Microsoft Word
(B) Microsoft Outlook
(C) Microsoft Excel
D) None of these
Answer: (B)

8.UPC stands for ____
(A) Unit Product Code
(B) Universal Product Code
(C) Universal Production classification
(D) Unit Public Cost
Answer: (B)

9. MS Office Picture Manager is-
(A) Basic photo management software
(B) an application that supports editing scanned documents
(C) an OCR application
(D) none of these
Answer: (A)

10.Which of the following refers to the fastest, biggest and most expensive computers?
(A) Personal Computers
(B) Supercomputers
(C) Laptops
(D) Notebooks
Answer: (B)

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