TNPSC - Life Processes - 10th Standard Science

1.       In monotropa the special type of root which absorbs nourishment is the ________.
          a. Haustoria
          b. Mycorrhizal root 
          c. Clinging root
          d. Adventitious root
          Answer:  b. Mycorrhizal root

2.      The product obtained in the anaerobic respiration of yeast is ________
         a. Lactic acid
         b. Pyruvic acid
         c. Ethanol
         d. Acetic acid
         Answer:  c. Ethanol

3.     The roots of a coconut tree are seen growing far from the plant.  Such a kind of movement of root for want of water is ________.
        a. Phot6otropism
        b. Geotropism
        c. Chemotropism
         d. Hydrotropism
         Answer:  d. Hydrotropism

4.     The xylem in the plants is responsible for ________.
        a. transport of water
        b. transport of food
        c. transport of amino acids
        d. transport of oxygen
        Answer:  a. transport of water

5.     The autotrophic nutrition requires
        a. CO₂ and water
        b. chlorophyll
        c. sunlight
        d. all the above
        Answer:  d. All the above

6.     Leaf pores / stomata help in ________.
        a. intake of CO₂ during photosynthesis
        b. release of O₂ during photosynthesis
        c. release of water vapour during transpiration
        d. all of these
        Answer:  d. All the above

7.    ________ of green plants are called factories of food production.  
        a. Mitochondria
        b. Chloroplasts
        c. Endoplasmic reticulum
        d. Nucleus
        Answer:  b. chloroplasts

8.     The special root – like struction of plant parasites in cuscuta and viscumare called ________.
        a. Rhizoids
        b. Haustoria
        c. Hyphae  
        d. stolons
        Answer:  b. Haustoria

9.     Pick out the odd one : The parts of the alimentary canal are
        a. Pharynx
        b. Mouth
        c. buccal cavity
        d. pancreas
        Answer:  d. Pancreas

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