TNPSC - Indian History Important Questions and Answers

1. What is ‘Numismatics’?
Answer:  Study of coins

2. What is ‘Purush Shukta’?
Answer:  A sloke deals with varanasharm found in the 10th mondala of Rigveda

3. What is described in the Upanishads?
Answer:  Philosophy

4. Who was the head of ‘Tribal Republic’?
Answer:  Ganapati

5. The Aryans came to India as______________
Answer:  Immigrants

6. The Aryans came to India from______________
Answer: Central Asia

7. The most important amusement of the Vedic people was______________
Answer:  Gambling with dice

8. Harappan civilization belongs to which period?
Answer:  Chalcolithic

9. Which animal was worshipped by the Harappans?
Answer:  Bull

10. What was the meaning of ‘Mohenjodaro’?
Answer:  Mound of the dead

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