TNPSC - Indian History Important Questions and answers

1. Which ornament was famous among the Harappans?
Answer: Bangles

2 . What was the staple food of the Harappans?
Answer: Wheat & Barley

3. Garments of Harappan people were usully made of______________
Answer: Cotton

4. Who wrote ‘Gaudbaho’?
Answer: Bakpatiraj

5. Dilwara temple is situated in______________
Answer: Mount Abu (Rajasthan)

6. ‘Adhai-Din-Ka-Jhopra’ is situated in______________
Answer: Ajmer (Rajasthan)

7. Who constructed ‘Jamma Masjid’?
Answer: Shahjahan

8. ‘Golkunda Fort’ is situated in______________
Answer: Bijapur

9. Who wrote ‘Milinda Panho’?
Answer: Nagsen

10. Bikramanka Dev Charitra was written by______________
Answer: Bilhon

11. What is Epigraphy?
Answer: Study of Inspcrition

12. Who wrote ‘Kavyadarsha’?
Answer:  Dandin

13. Who invented ‘ZERO’?
Answer: Aryabhatta

14. Who wrote ‘Navashasanka Charitra’?
Answer:  Padma Gupta

15. Who discovered Harappa?
Answer:  D. R. Sahani (1921)

16. At present ‘Mohenjodaro’ is located in______________
Answer:  Larkana dist. of Sindhu

17. Harappan Civilization was______________
Answer:  An urban based civilization

18. Harappan people used to have their dead person______________
Answer:  Buired

19. Lothal was famous as______________
Answer: A Sea Port

20. Which metal was unknown to the Indus people?
Answer:  Iron

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