SSLC History Important Notes for FIRST WORLD WAR (A.D.1914-A.D.1918) and ECONOMIC DEPRESSION (A.D.1919-A.D.1939)

FIRST WORLD WAR (A.D.1914-A.D.1918)

1. Germany alone was competent to rule the whole world said by Kaiser William ll.

2. Kaiser William 11 stationed a fleet at Heligoland.

3. France wanted to get back Alsace and Lorraine.

4. Austrian crown prince was Francis Ferdinand.

5. Austria declared war on Serbia on 28th July 1914.

6. Germany invaded France by crossing Belgium.

7. Turkey extended her support to the Central powers.

8. This expedition was an utter failure for the British Dardanelles expedition.

9. The famous American merchant ship sunk by Germany Lusitania.

10. In Russia the Czarist government was over thrown by Lenin.

11. Germany battle cruiser was destroyed in the battle of Dogger bank.

12. Germany sued for peace on Nov.11, 1918.

13. The First world  war came to an end by the paris peace conference.

14. The League of nations was officially founded in Jan. 20, 1920.

15. The Great Economic Depression began in U.S.A.

16. In 1929 the American president was Herbert Hoover.

17. The greatest craze in American was share market.

18. FD Roosevelt assumed office on March 4, 1933.

19. There were normal economic activities in the USA by 1940.

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