SSLC History Important Notes Based on Exam purpose

1. Germany and Italy became unified countries in 1870

2. A great demand for the raw materials was created by Industrial revolution.

3. The police of imperialism followed by the European countries form 1870-1945 was known as New –Imperialism 

4. China was politically independent under the Manchu rule

5. The movement of good Was speeded up by the development of Railways.

6. The sphere of influence was adopted by the European countries in china 

7. The English East India company was formed in A.D.1600.

8. The French East India company was established by Colbert.

9. The second opium war came to end by the tready of peking 

10. The policy formulated by England and USA for china open door policy.

11. The Mughal emperor who gave permission to English East India company to set up trading post at Surat Jahangir.

12. The Republic of china was established under Dr. sun Yat sen.

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