Important Questions and Answer of History

1. The author of ' Neel Darpan'  a play based on Indigo Rebellion of Bengal, was authored by
a. Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyaya
b. Motilal Ghosh
c. Madhusudan Dutta
d. Dinabandhu Mitra

2. Mahavira Vardhamana got enlightened under which of the following trees?
a. Sal Tree
b. Coconut Tree
c. Sal Tree
d. None of the these

3. Ninth Sikh Guru Teg Bahadur was sentenced to death by______
a. Jahangir
b. Auranzeb
c. Akbar
d. Shah Jahan

4. The Prathana Sabha was founded by _____
a. N.G.Chandravarkar
b. R.G. Bhandarkar
c. M.G. Ranade
d. Raja Radhakant Dev

5. The International body which was formed in Europe in 1889 to coordinate the efforts of socialists all over Europe was called
a. Commune
b. Labour Party
c. Second International
d. Social Democratic

6. Which of the following was the major demand of the ' Bardali Satyagraha;  organised under the leadership of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel?
a. Land to the tiller
b. Rollback of the newly enhanced revenue rate
c. Supply of agriculture inputs to the farmers at subsidized rate
d. Increase in the rates of labour wage

7. 'Amuktamalayeda' a book on polity, was written by _____
a. Harihara I
b. Krishna Deva Raya
c. Tenali Rama
d. Chanakya

8. The first Sultan who obtained letters of investiture from the Caliph was
a. Balban
b. Iltutmish
c. Firuz Tughlaq
d. Alauddin Khilji

9. The Mughal Prince, who translated Bhagavat Gita into Persian, is
a. Dara Shukoh
b. Akbar
c. Khusru
d. Murad

10. The Uttaramerur inscription provided information on the administration of the
a. Chalukyas
b. Satvahanas
c. Pallavas
d. Cholas

11. Who was the Viceroy at the time of Quit India Movement (1942) ?
a. Lord Wavel
b. Lord  Irwin
c. Lord Lin Lithgow
d. None of the these

12. Who was the teacher of Gautham Buddha?
a. Panini
b. Patanjali
c. Kapila
d. Alara Kalama

13. The system of Dyarchy was introduced in India in_____
a. 1909
b. 1935
c. 1919
d. 1905

14. Chadragupta Maura spent his last days at
a. Sravanabelgola
b. Ujjain
c. Kashi
d. Patalibputra

15. Gandhi's salt satyagraha was a part of _______
a. Quit India Movement
b. Champaran Satyagraha
c. Non Cooperation Movement
d. Civil Disobedience Movement

16. The surgery that was practiced in ancient India is known from the works of which of the following scholars?
a. Atreya
b. Sushruta
c. Charaka
d. Vagbhata

17. Which Mugal Emperor prohibited the use of tobacco?
a. Jahangir
b. Aurangzeb
c. Babur
d. Muhammad Shah

18. Tipu Sultan's major interest in building ships was to _______
a. flight the English at sea
b. Promote trade and commerce
c. Maintain diplomatic relations with Oman
d. All of these

19. The first Anglo Burmese war was concluded by which of the following treaties?
a. Treaty of Tamu
b. Treaty of Yandaboo
c. Treaty of Burma
d. Treaty of Bhamo

20. First English News Paper in India
a. The Bengal Gazattee
b. The Calcutta Gazattee
c. The Hindu
d. The Bombay Herald

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