TNPSC Original Questions On General English Based Online Mock Test Set-2

Welcome TNPSC Aspirants, here we published important and expected Questions on General English for TNPSC Group 2, Group 2A, Group 4 , VAO and TRB TET ExamsThese collections are covering English and its very useful for all competitive aspirants. Kindly share it with your friends. Now lets try our prefix preparation , with this quiz section. 
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  1. "The story of My Experiments with Truth"
    Whose Autobiography is this?
    1.  Kasturibai Gandhi
    2.  Indira Gandhi
    3.  Mahatma Gandhi
    4.  Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam

  2. Identify the author with the short story.
    "Swept away".
    1.  Rudyard Kipling
    2.  Deepa Agarwal
    3.  Ruskin Bond
    4.  Susannah Hickling

  3. Identify the poetic line that differs in figure of speech from the 
    other poetic lines._______.
    1.  In the bivouac of life
    2.  In solitary confinement as complete as any gaoc 
    3.  Speech that came like leech craft
    4.  Like a king in exile

  4. To which poem these lines belong?
    "O listen! for the vale profound
    Is overflowering with the sound"
    1.  A Psalm of Life
    2.  Beautiful Inside
    3.  The Apology
    4.  The Solitary Reaper

  5. In which play do the following lines occur?
    "It is not so expressed but what of that?
    'T' were good you do so much for charity"
    1.  Julius Caesar
    2.  Hamlet
    3.  Macbeth
    4.  The Merchant of Venice

  6.  Answer the appreciation question.
    The best little scrub by the side of the rill. What is meant by scrub?
    1.  Big trees
    2.  Bushes and small trees
    3.  Grass
    4.  Tall trees

  7. Select the correct question tag.
    I haven't answered your question?_______.
    1.  Have I?
    2.  Had I?
    3.  Has I?
    4.  Haven't I?

  8. Select the correct tense.
    He ____________________ (suffer) from colour blindness since his birth.
    1.  will be suffering
    2.  have been suffering
    3.  had been suffering
    4.  has been suffering

    1. Identify the sentence pattern.
      He taught me Hindi.
    2.  SVCA
    3.  SVC
    4.  S V IO DO
    5.  SVOA

    1. Find out the poem from which the following lines occurred?
      "Stalking the length of his cage, Ignoring visitors".
    2.  Migrant Bird 
    3.  Laugh and Be Merry
    4.  The Flying wonder
    5.  A Tiger in the Zoo

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