TNPSC - Science {10th Standard } - Immune System

1. Antibodies and immune globinsare found in ________.
     a. Breast milk
     b. Vitamin D
     c. RBC
     Answer:  breast milk

2.   ________ is genetic disorders caused due to defective or mutated genes.
      a. Scurry
      b. Marasumus
      c. Albinism
      Answer:  Albinism

3.   The deficiency of ________ leads to haemorrhage.
      a. Vitamin K
      b. Vitamin E
      c. Vitamin D
      Answer:  Vitamin K

4.   The vegetative stage of plasmodium occurs is ________.
       a. male mosquito
       b. female mosquito
       c. man
       Answer:  Pernicious anaemia

5.   The disease caused by the destruction of RBC is ________.
       a. Haemophilia
       b. Pernicious anaemia
       c. Photophobia
      Answer:  Pernicious anaemia

6.   Common cold lowers the resistance of the body leading to a number of secondary infections like pneumonia. Bronchitis, etc., Identify the factor causing common cold.
       a. Virus
       b. bacteria
       c. fungus                                                                                                            d. protozoan
       Answer: Virus

7.    Sudden onset of fever accompanied by aches and pains on the back and limbs are the symptoms of influenza.  It is cause by ________. Virus.
       a. Tobacco mosaic virus
       b. Adenovirus
       c. A(H1N1)virus
       d. Bacteriophage
       Answer:  A(H1N1)virus

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