TNPSC - Conservation of Environment - 10th Standard Science

1.    Which of the following group contain only bio-degradable items?
        a. Grass, flowers and leaves
        b. Grass, wood and plastic
        c.  Fruit peels, cake and plastic
        d. Cake, wood and glass
        Answer:  a. Grass, flowers and leaves

2.     Which of the following constitutes a food chain?
        a. Grass, Wheat and mango
        b. Grass, goat and human
        c. Goat, cow and elephant
        d. Grass, fish and goat
        Answer:  b. Grass, goat and human

3.     Which of the following are environment friendly practices?
         a. carrying cloth bags for shopping
         b. switching off light and fans when not in use
         c. using public transport
         d. all the above
         Answer:  d. All the above

4.      What is called as ‘black gold’? 
         a. hydrocarbons
         b. coal
         c. petroleum
         d. ether
         Answer:  c. Petroleum

5.      Based on the food chain, pick the odd one out: 
         Plants→ grasshopper→ frog→ tiger → snake
         Answer:  Tiger

6.      Example for product of green chemistry is ________ 
         a. plastic
          b. paper
          c. bio plastics
          d. halogen flame retardants
         Answer:  c. Bio plastics

7.      ________ is a green house gas which causes climate change and global warming. 
          a. hydrogen
          b. oxygen
          c. nitrogen
          d. carbon dioxide
          Answer:  d. Carbon dioxide

8.      The ________ form decomposers in the pond ecosystem.
         a. Plants
         b. bacteria
         c. frogs
         d. phytoplanktons
         Answer:  b. bacteria

9.     ________ is used in seeding clouds.  
        a. potassium iodide
        b. calcium carbonate
         c. sulphurdioxide
        d. ammonium phosphate
        Answer:  a. Potassium iodide

10.   An example for fossil fuel is __________ 
        a. copper
        b. iron
        c. Magnesium
         d. coal
        Answer:  d. Coal

11.    Ari pollution is caused by transport exhaust fumes and emission of gases like SO₂, CO₂, NO₂ from industries.  Similarly, water pollution is caused by ________.
          a. sewage
          b. crop cultivation
          c. rain
          d. soil erosion
          Answer:  a. sewage

12.    If wild animals are killed, what difficulty would we face?
          a. imbalance in nature
          b. decrease in fog rain
          c. decrease in population
          d. increase in rain
          Answer:  a. imbalance in nature

13.    Water is an essential commodity for survival.  What can we do to help increase water resources?
          a. deforestation
          b. reducing the use of vehicle
          c. The burning of the wastage             
          d. afforestation
          Answer:  d. Afforestation

14.      The tiger and the lion are carnivores.  Likewise the elephant and the bison are ________.
             Answer:  Herbivores

15.       Assertion (A):     Coal and petroleum are called fossil fuels.
             Assertion (R):      Fossil fuels are formed from the remains of dead organisms after millions of years.
             a. Both ‘A’ and ‘R’ are true and ‘R’ explains ‘A’.
             b. Both ‘A’ and ‘R’ are true and but ‘R’ doesn’t explain ‘A’
             c. Only ‘A’ is true but ‘R’ is false.        
             d. ‘A’ is false but ‘R’ is true.
             Answer:  a. Both ‘A’ and ‘R’ are true and ‘R’ explains ‘A’.
             Reason    : Coal and Petroleum are fossil fuels and these are formed from the remains of dead organisms after millions of years.

16.       Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) is considered a better fuel than coal / petroleum, because ________.
            Answer:  It does not pollute the environment.

17.      Now - a – days water bottles and lunch boxes are made from agricultural products like fruit pulp.  These are called ________.

            Answer: products produced by Green chemistry

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