TNPSC- Production in Plants & Periodic classification of Elements - 10th Standard Science

1.      Zn + 2HCl → ZnCl₂ + H₂↑
          The above reaction is an example of _______.
          a. Combination reaction
          b. Double displacement reaction
          c. Displacement reaction
          d. Decomposition reaction
          Answer:  c. Displacement reaction
2.    A reddish brown coloured element ‘x’ on hearting in air, becomes a black
 coloured compound ‘Y’. X and Y are _____ and_____.
           a. Cu, CuO
           b. Pb, PbO
           Answer:  a. Cu, CuO

3.       A student tests the p H of pure water using a p H paper.  It is shows green colour.  If a p 11 paper is used after adding lemon juice to water, colour will he obverse?
           a. Green
           b. Red
           c. Yellow
           Answer:  b. Red

4.       Chemical volcano is an example of ________.  (APRIL, JUNE – 2014)
           a. Combination reaction
           b. Decomposition reaction
           Answer:  Decomposition reaction

5.       When crystals of lead nitrate on heating strongly produces ________ gas and the colour of the gas is ________.  (JUNE – 2012)
          Answer:  Nitrogen dioxide (NO₂), reddish brown

6.       When aqueous solution of silver nitrate and sodium chloride are mixed, ________ precipitate is immediately formed
           a. White
            b. Yellow
           c. Red
            Answer:  a. White

7.         Aluminium can displace Zinc metal from aqueous solution of Zinc sulphate because________.
             a. zinc is more reactive than aluminium
             b. aluminium is more reactive than zinc
            Answer: aluminium is more reactive than zinc

8.        To protect tooth decay, we are advised to brush our teeth regularly. The nature of the tooth paste commonly used is _______ i  n nature.
             Answer:  basic

9.          Vinegar is present in acetic acid.  Curd contains ________ acid.
             a. Lactic acid
             b. Tartaric acid
             Answer:  a. Lactic acid

10.       pH= -log 10[H+].  The pH of a solution containing hydrogen ion concentration of 0.001M solution is ________.
             a. 3
             b. 11
             c. 14

             Answer: a. 3

  • Periodic classification of Elements

1.       In the modern periodic table, periods and groups are given.  Periods and groups indicate ________.
          a. Rows and Columns
          b. Columns and Rows
          Answer:  a. Rows and Columns

2.      The third period contains elements.  Out of these elements, how many elements are non-metals?
          a. 8
          b. 5
          Answer: b. 5

3.       An element which is an essential constituent of all organic compounds belongs to the ________ group.  (JUNE – 2014)
          a. 14th group
          b. 15th group
          Answer:  a. 14th group

4.      Ore is used for the extraction of metals profitably .  Bauxite is used to extract aluminium, it can be termed as ________ (SEP – 2014)
         a. ore
         b. mineral
         Answer:  a. ore

5.      Gold does not occur in the combined form.  It does not react with air water.  It is in the ________ state.  (JUNE, SEP – 2014)
          a. native
          b. combined

         Answer:  a. native

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