TNPSC Group 4 Expected Computer Science Questions with Answers - Practice Set -8

The aspirants appearing at various competitive examinations are always in a deep need and search of comparatively easy to understand and useful study contents in Computer Science. With this key point in mind we are providing you  numerous questions for your reference that are intelligently selected and it is covering all examination oriented topics and few questions are taken from different competitive examinations.

1._____________ provides detailed information about your files folders and drives.
(A) Internet Explorer
(B) My computer
(C) My documents
(D) Windows explorer
Answer: (D)

2. Which of the following is a copyright software that can be used free?
(A) Shareware
(B) Freeware
(C) Groupware
(D) email
Answer: (B)

3.The brain of any computer system is
(B) Memory
(D) Control unit
Answer: (C)

4.Super  computers are primarily useful
(A) input-output intensive processing
(B) data-retrieval operations
(C) mathematical-intensive scientific application
(D) All of the above
Answer: (C)

5.The two major types of computer chips are
(A) External memory chip
(B) Primary memory chip
(C) Microprocessor chip
(D) Both b and c
Answer: (D)

6.First network which was made available
(A) IBMm Token Ring 1985
(B) Novell Netware
(C) IBM PC Network 1984
(D) DECNet 1980
Answer: (D)

7. LAN stands for ____
(A) Local Area News
(B) Local Area Network
(C) Local Area Net
(D) Local Average Network
Answer: (B)

8.Which protocol provides e-mail facility among different hosts?
(A). FTP
Answer : C

9. In how many generations a computer can be classified?
(A). 3
(B). 4
(C). 5
(D). 6
Answer : C

10. Fifth generation computers are based on
(A). Artificial Intelligence
(B). Programming Intelligence
(C). System Knowledge
Answer : A

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