TNPSC Group 2 A General Knowledge Model Questions - Mock Test Part 1

1) Fructose 6 Phosphate is also known as ______
(a) Newberg ester
(b) Young ester
(c) Paranas ester
(d) Harden Ester

2) Which one of the following cells found during gametogenesis is diploid?
(a) Spermatogonia
(b) Spermatid
(c) Secondary polar body
(d) Primary Polar body

3) Which organisation's 73rd foundation day is being observed on 26th September 2015 ?
(a) ICAR
(b) ISRO
(c) CSIR
(d) NIO

4) The largest in the ocean floor is occupied by______
(a) Contenental Shelf
(b) Deep sea Plain
(c) Contenetal Slope
(d) Ocean Deeps

5) The planet which has the fastest orbital motion is_____
(a) Mercury
(b) Mars
(c) Venus
(d) Earth

6) Which one of the following mountains of North America has been renamed as Denali?
(a) Mount McKinley
(b) Mount Elpert
(c) Mount Whitney
(d) Mount Mitchell

7) Identfiy the writer who won the prestigious Man Booker Prize for fiction 2016?
(a) Paul Beatty
(b) Marlon James
(c) Anney Tyler
(d) Sanjeev Sahoto

8) The river which is said to be the lifeline of Sikkim is ________?
(a) Lohit
(b) Manas
(c) Tista
(d) Sankosh

9) The first BRICS migration conference in October 2015 was held at _______
(a) New Delhi, India
(b) Sochi, Russia
(c) Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
(d) Beijing, China

10) The Mountain which is known as a 'horst' _______
(a) Volcanic Montain
(b) Fold Mountain
(c) Block Mountain
(d) Residual Mountain

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