TNPSC - Economics and Commerce Questions with Answers

1. Decimal system was introduced n Indian Monetary system from? 1957
2. Pus-Sugandha-5 is a variety of - Paddy
3. Kisan Credit Card Scheme was launched - 1998-99
4. Who is said to be Father of Economics - Adam Smith
5. The sate in which total cost equals to total revenue is called - Break even point
6. Market Economy means - Availability of Competitions
7. Zero Base Budgeting in government budget was at first prepared in - America
8. Economic problem mainly arises due to - Scarity of resources
9. Four Factor of Production are - Land, Labour, Capital and Organisation
10. Who Said, ; Supply decides its demand at its own'?. I.B.Saw
11. Amartya Sen received Nobel Prize of Economy in  - 1998
12. The person described economic drainage theory at the British Time - Dadabhai Nauroji
13 Principle of Trusteeship was proposed by - M.K.Gandhi
14. Indian Economy may be termed as - A Developin Economy
15. Human Development Index was developed by - Pakistani economist Mahbub ul Haq
16. Second Five year plan was based on - Mahalbobis Model
17. Who wrote 'Wealth of Nations' - Adam Smisth
18. Who was Agrilculture Minister at the time of Green Revolution (1966) - C.Subramanyam.
19. National Dairy Development Board was established in - 1970
20. Two factors that influence per capita income are - National Income and Population

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