General Knowledge Important Questions for All Exams TNPSC / UPSC / TNTET and TRB Exams - Part 6

51. Vembanad is
a) A Sea Port
b) Lagoon Lake
c) Mountain Peak
d) Multipupose project
Answer: b

52. The Asiatic Society of Bengal was founded by
a) Sir James Grant
b) Max Mullor
c) Sir Wlliam Jones
d) Macaulay
Answer: c

53. The feature which applies to pressure groups but not to political parties is
a) fielding of candidates for contesting election
b) objective of safeguarding the interest of whole society
c) Membership is exhaustive
d) Do not participate directly in political process
Answer: d

54. The Right which is a legal but not a fundamental right
a) Freedom to move freely
b) Right against expolitation
c) Right to minorities to establish educational institutions
d) Right to property
Answer: d

55. The retreating monsoon in Indian subcontinent is known as
a) South-West Monsoon
b) South-East Monsoon
c) North-East Monsoon
d) North-West Monsoon
Answer: c

56. In Indonesia the ‘splash and burn agriculture’ is called as
a) Jhoom
b) Roke
c) Milpa
d) Ladang
Answer: a

57. Where the first, second & third Earth Summits took place in 1992, 2002 & 2012 respectively?
a) Johannesburg, Doha, Rio De Janerio
b) Rio De Janerio, Johannesburg, Doha
c) Rio De Janerio, Kyoto, Johannesburg
d) Rio De Janerio, Johannesburg, Rio De Janerio
Answer: d

58. Which of the following is not a session of Lok Sabha?
a) Budget session
b) Summer session
c) Winter session
d) Monsoon Session
Answer: b

59. The constitutional schedule which contain the list of recognised laguages of India is
a) 7th Schedule
b) 8th Schedule
c) 9th Schedule
d) 10th Schedule
Answer: b

60. The newspaper, which upheld the nationalist cause during India’s struggle for freedom was
a) The Leader
b) The Civil & Military Gazette
c) Dawn
d) The Statesman
Answer: a

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