TNPSC Previous Original Questions for General Studies Part - 3

1. How the Rajya Sabha members are elected?
a. Elected by Lok Sabha members
b. Elected by the State M.L.As
c. Elected by Lok Sabha and Rajiya Sabha members
d. Elected by Members of Legislative council
Answer: b

2. UPSC Chair person and members appointed by
a. President
b. Prime Minister
c. Vice President
d. Supre Court Judge
Answer: a

3. Which of the following is not included in the union list?
a. External Affairs
b. Public Health
c. Audit and Account
d. Defence
Answer: b

4. Which of the following statements is wrong?
a. In a Republic, Citizens have equal rigths
b. Avvai home is an orphanage for girls
c. Demoracy creates an equal society
d. Ther first woman doctor in India is Dr.Muthlakshmi Reddy
Answer: b

5. Match the List I and List II

    List I                             List II

a. Article                       - 1. Rahabilitation of Girls
b. Children's day           - 2. Free and Compulsary Education
c. Dowry Prohibition Act - 3. 14,November
d. Short Stay Home          - 4. 1961
Answer: a-2, b-3, c-4, d-1

6. Tamil Nadu Nugarvor Kavasam is a _______________ Magazine
a. Daily
b. Monthly
c. Weekly
d. Fortnightly
Answer: b

7. In which District of Tamilnadu Karaivetti Bird Sanctuary is located?
a. Ramanathapuram
b. Thirunelveli
c. Ariyalur
d. Nagapattinam
Answer: c

8. Match the List I and List II

    List I               List II

a. Maunaloa              - 1. Africa
b. Vesuvius               - 2. India
c. Mt.Killimanjaro    - 3. Hawai
d. Norcondam           - 4. 1961
Answer: a-3, b-4, c-1, d-2

9. Which one of the following is correctly matched?
a. Sornavari     -   Chitthirai Pattam
b. Samba         -   Karthigai Pattam
c. Navarai       -   Adi Pattam
d. Zaid            -   Avani Pattam
Answer: a

10. Match the List I and List II

    List I               List II

a. Mamaluk           - 1. Copper Coin
b. Danga                - 2. Worshipping king
c. Jidal                   - 3. Slave
d. Fipose               - 4. Silver coin
Answer: a-3, b-4, c-1, d-2

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