TNPSC Previous Original Questions for General Studies Part - 1

1. Four resistors of 10000 ohm, 1000 ohm, 100 ohm and 10 ohm are connected in parellel. What will be their equivalent resistance?
a. More than 10000 ohm
b. 10000 ohm
c. 10 ohm
d. less than 10 ohm
Answer: d

2. Specific heat capacity of water is how many times more than specific heat capacity of mercury?
a. 20
b. 40
c. 30
d. 50
Answer: c

3. Which is the strongest acid in the world?
a. Sulpheric acid
b. Hydrochloric acid
c. Nitric acid
d. Fluoro supphuric acid
Answer: d

4. Air Polluting photochemical smog, PAN is....
a. Para acetyl nitrate
b. Peroxy acetyl nitrate
c. Peroxy acetyl nitrate
d. Pars acetyl nitrite
Answer: b

5. _______ play an important role in the formation of spindle fibres during cell division.
a. chromosomes
b. chloroplasts
c. centrioles
d. lysosomes
Answer: c

6. Which one of the following Alkaloid obtained from gymnosperms?
a. Ephedrine
b. Thene
c. Nicotine
d. Resin
Answer: a

7. Skin cancer is also known as
a. Osteoma
b. Melanoma
c. Lymphoma
d. Leukemia
Answer: b

8. Peacock sanctuary in Tamilnadu is located in ________
a. Kodikkarai
b. Mudhumalai
c. Mundanthurai
d. Viralimalai
Answer: d

9. Name the new tax system of the central government which is to be implemented by the year 2017
a. VAT
b. MAT
c. GST
d. ST
Answer: c

10. The Book 'Turbulent years (1980-1996)' was written by
a. Pranab Mukherjee
b. APJ Abdul Kalam
c. R.K.Narayanan
d. Khushwant Singh
Answer: a

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