Latest Current Affairs Today in English Medium Date: 11.02.2017

G.K. Reddy Memorial Award for Karan Thapar
Senior journalist and television commentator Karan Thapar will be conferred the G.K. Reddy Memorial National Award 2016 for excellence in journalism.

NASA may send rover to Jupiter’s moon
NASA is considering a plan to send a robotic lander to Jupiter’s icy moon Europa to explore if alien life is present in the ocean beneath its frozen surface

More than 400 whales strand on New Zealand beach, most die
More than 400 whales were stranded on a New Zealand beach and about three-quarters of them have died in spite of rescue efforts on Friday (10.02.2017)

No toilet, no marriage in Haryana’s Nuh
The Jamiat said the mandatory conditions for weddings would soon be extended to the entire district of Nuh and Muslim-inhabited areas of Haryana, Rajasthan, Himachal Pradesh and Punjab

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