8-yr-old `Simba' from city roars on Oscar night

8-yr-old `Simba' from city roars on Oscar night
Lion's roar went unheard at the Oscars but pint-sized, Mumbai-based Sunny Pa war who played the lead role, stole everyone's he arts with that disarming smile and a Simba-like yell from Lion King. Sunny's ride from a Kalina slum to the red carpet of the Oscar ceremony almost mirrors the miraculous journey of Saroo Brierley, whose memoir A Long Way Home inspired the film, Lion. It tells the tale of a five-year-old boy, separated from his mother and siblings at five when he accidentally boarded a train from Khandwa, Madhya Pradesh and arrived on the alien streets of Calcutta. Lost and alone, he found his way around people and places before being placed in an orphanage and adopted by a couple in Australia. That was 1986.Twenty years later, piggybacking on digital technology, he managed to retrace his roots and find his original family.

Courtesy: The Times of India

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