TNPSC: Important Questions of International Organisation - Part 7

176. When will the term of current UN secretary General will end ________
a) 2014
b) 2015
c) 2016
d) 2017

177. Name the UN Secretary General Who resigned from office ________
a) Butros butros Ghali
b) Kofi Annan
c) U-Thant
d) Trygve Lee

178. The present UN Secretary General belongs to which state ________
a) Japan
b) South Korea
c) Norway
d) China

179. The members of ECOSOC is elected by ________
a) General Assembly
b) Secretary General
c) Security Council
d) None of the Above

180. The ECOSOC consists of ________ members
a) 193
b) 55
c) 54
d) 123

181. The term of a member in ECOSOC is ________
a) 1 year
b) 2 years
c) 3 year
d) 4 year

182. The Vatican city is ________ of UN
a) Member state
b) Observer state
c) Trust Area
d) None of the above

183. The ‘Blue helmet’ refers to ________
a) Red Cross
c) UN Peace Keepers
d) Human Right volunteers

184. The Millenium Development Goals contains…major goals ________
a) 8
b) 15
c) 10
d) 22

185. The Millenium Development Goals are supposed to be achieved by the year ________
a) 2020
b) 2015
c) 2030
d) 2050

186. The CTBT was adopted by the UN in ________
a) 1950
b) 2001
c) 2012
d) 1996

187. The agency that provides safeguards for nuclear energy is ________
c) NPT
d) Security Council

188. The history of disarmament traced back to the treaty of ________
a) Westphalia
b) Utrich
c) Washington
d) Antarctic treaty

189. Name a chemical weapon from the following list ________
b) Agent Orange
c) Hydrogen Bomb
d) Land Mine

190. The largest share of the UN budget comes from ________
a) Russia
b) UAE
c) USA
d) UK

191. The largest part of UN spending is in the area of ________
a) Office administration
b) Peace and security
c) Social development
d) Technology development

192. Kyoto protocol is related to ________
a) Peace and security
b) Social development
c) Technology development
d) Global warming

193. Intergovernmental panel on Climate change is associated with ________
c) WTO

194. Kyoto protocol was signed in the year ________
a) 2007
b) 1987
c) 1997
d) 2000

195. The World Food programme was created in the year ________
a) 2007
b) 1987
c) 1997
d) 1961

196. The Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees was created in the year _______
a) 2007
b) 1950
c) 1997
d) 1961

197. WHO declared that they have completely eradicated the following disease from the world ____
a) Small pox
b) Polio
d) TB

198. UN Human Development Index is Published by ________
a) WHO
c) Security Council

199. UN Declaration on the Rights of LGBT people was passed in the year ________
a) 2011
b) 2001
c) 1949
d) 1950

200. The outer space treaty was signed in the year ________
a) 2011
b) 2001
c) 1949
d) 1967

Answer Keys
176-c, 177-d, 178-d, 179-b, 180-c, 181-c, 182-b, 183-c, 184-a, 185-b
186-d, 187-b, 188-a, 189-b, 190-c, 191-b, 192-d, 193-a, 194-c, 195-d
196-b, 197-a, 198-b, 199-a, 200-d.

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