TNPSC Group 1 and Group 2 General Studies Original Questions

1. Compare Vitamin List 1 with its List II deficiency diseases
a. Vitamin - B12   - 1. Sterility
b. Vitamin - B6    - 2. Heamorrhagic Condition
c. Vitamin - E     - 3. Pernicious Anaemia
d. Vitamin - K     - 4. Skin Disease
Answer: a-3, b-4, c-1, d-2

2. The Acid with formula, H2,N2,O2 is known as
a. Hydronitrous acid
b. Hyponitrous acid
c. Hypernitrous acid
d. Nitroxylic Acid
Answer: Hyponitrous acid

3. The energy released by the complete oxidation of one molecule of glucose in plants is____
a. 1600 KJ
b. 2300 KJ
c. 2500 KJ
D. 2900 KJ
Answer: 2900 KJ

4. Match the List 1 with its List II choose the correct answer
a. Telephase       - 1. Chromatids separate and move towards poles
b. Metaphase       - 2. Spomdle fibres disappears
c. Anaphase        - 3. Nuclear membrane disappears
d. Prophase        - 4. Chromosomes at the equatorial plane
Answer: a-2, b-4, c-1, d-3

5. Choose a correct pair of the following
a. Gonorrhoes - Wuchereria
b. Neisseria  - Ringworm
c. Treponema - Syphilis
d. Mircosporum - Filariasis
Answer: Treponema - Syphilis

6. Which Country is not the mumber of SAARC?
a. Afghanistan
b. Myanmar
d. Pakistan
e. Bhutan
Answer: Myanmar

7. The Nelson Mandela Award 2016 is awarded to
a. Ms. Tabassum Adnan
b. Mother Teresa
c. Ms. Padma Sachdev
d. Mr.Naredra Modi
Answer: Ms. Tabassum Adnan

8. Whic country is going to host the 2016 twenty 20 World Cup?
a. India
b. Pakistan
c. South Africa
d. Australia
Answer: India

9. Which of the following is correct as per the population census of 2011?
a. 940 femals for 100 of males
b. 933 femals for 100 of males
c. 950 femals for 100 of males
d. 953 femals for 100 of males
Answer: 940 femals for 100 of males

10. Match the Indian Medalis of 2016 Rio Paralympics with their sport:
a. Devandra Jhaiharia - Shooting
b. Deepa Malik - High Jump
c. Mariyappan Thangavelu - Javelin Throw
d. Priyesha Deshmukh - Shotput
Answer: a-3, b-4, c-2, d-1

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