TNPSC Group 4 - Model Questions for General Studies.

Important General Knowledge Questions
  1. The first Commonwealth Games were held in 1930. Which country hosted the games? – Canada
  2. Which form an irreversible complex With haemoglobin of blood? – Carbon Monoxide
  3. Which is the variety of coal in which the deposit contains recognisable traces of the original plant material? – Peat
  4. The Indian research station Himadri is located at which place? – Antarctica
  5. Who was the first Indian to be a Fellow of the Royal Society of London? – Srinivas Ramanujan
  6. The headquarters of the International Red Cross is situated in which city? – Geneva
  7. What is the name given to an almost circular coral reef inside which there is a lagoon? – Atoll
  8. How many States of the U.S.A. are not attached to its mainland? – Two
  9. Who is the recepient of Nobel Prize for the development of Wireless Telegraphy? – Marconi
  10. Which polymeric material is used for making bullet proof jacket? – KEVLAR
  11. Between which set of blood groups, is the blood transfusion possible? – A and AB (A donor)
  12. With reference to Indian defence what is, the ‘Lakshya’? – A pilotless training aircraft
  13. Who got the ‘Bharat Ratna’ award, before becoming the President of India? – Dr. Zakir Hussain
  14. What is a partially completed workbook that contains formulas and formatting, but no data? – Template
  15. Which reserves can act as a liquidity buffer for commercial banks during crisis times? – SLR
  16. A person who lives exclusively on milk, egg and bread is likey to become a victim of which desease? – Scurvy
  17. The pH of water at 25°C is 7. When it is heated to 100°C, then what will be the pH of water? – Remains same
  18. Non-stick cooking utensils are coated with which metal? – Teflon
  19. Which is the scientist who explained about blood circulation for the first time? – William Harvey
  20. A man with a dark skin, in comparison with a man with a white skin, What will experience? – Less heat and less cold

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