TNPSC GK Model Questions Indian Constitution / Polity 91-100

1) MISA means
a) Maintenance of Internal Security Act 
b) Maintenance of International Security Act 
c) Making of Internal Security Act 
d) Maintenance of Internal Surety Act
Answer: a

2) Which article guarantees freedom to manage religious affairs?
a) Art. 26 
b)Art. 32 
c) Art.19 
d) Art. 21A
Answer: a

3) Which article is described in the Constitutional deliberations as ‘ the soul and heart of the
a) Art. 26 
b) Art. 32 
c) Art.19 
d) Art. 21A
Answer: b

4) The Supreme Court or High Court commanding a person or a body to do that which is his or its
duty to do is ______
a) Mandamus 
b) Habeas Corpus 
c) Prohibition 
d) Certiorari
Answer: a

5)’ Prohibiton’ and ‘certiorari’ are writs issued against _______
a) Individuals 
b) Courts 
c) Government 
d) Legislature
Answer: b

6) Article I of the Constitution says that ‘India, ie, Bharath shall be a _______
a) union of states 
b) Federation 
c) Confederation 
d) Union of federal units
Answer: a

7) The objective resolution was moved in the Constituent Assembly on _______
a) December 13, 1946 
b) January 26, 1950 
c) November 26, 1946 
d) November 26, 1950
Answer: a

8) Who among the following introduced local self-government in India ?
a) Lord Mountbatten 
b) Lord Rippon 
c) Lord Cunning 
d) Lord Macaulay
Answer: b

9) Indian National Congress began to work as a political party since _______
a) 1946 
b) 1885 
c) 1907 
d) 1920
Answer: d

10) The Poona Pact (1932) upheld _______
a) joint electorate 
b) separate electorate 
c) joint electorate with reserved seats for the scheduled castes 
d) joint electorate with reserved seats for the caste Hindus
Answer: c

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