TNPSC GK Model Questions Indian Constitution / Polity 281-300

(281) Council of States in India can create an All India Service by
(a) Simple majority (b) ¾ majority
(c) 2/3 majority (d) unanimously

(282)Public Accounts Committee has members from
(a) House of the People (b) Council of states only
(c) state legislatures (d) Both Houses of Parliament

(283)Adjournment of the House is the power of the
(a) President (b) Speaker
(c) Prime Minister (d) Council of Ministers

(284)Committee in Public Undertakings has members from
(a) Both Houses of Parliament (b) Lok Sabha only
(c) Rajya Sabha only (d) State Legislative Council

(285) Unstarred questions requires
(a) Oral answer (b) Zero Hour
(c) supplementary question (d) written answer

(286) Sine Die is associated with the power of the
(a) President (b) Speaker
(c) Chief Justice (d) Prime Minister

(287) ‘Who holds the purse holds the power’ who said this
(a) Jawahar Lal Nehru (b) Harold Laski
(c) Clement Attle (d) James Madison

(288)Which article of the Constitution of India says “there shall be a council of Ministers with the Prime Minister at the head to aid and advice the President”
(a) Article 74 (b) Article 75
(c) Article 79 (d) Article 80

(289)The President of the Indian Republic has
(a) Only suspensive veto (b) Absolute veto
(c) Pocket veto (d) None of these

(290)The members of the Council of Ministers are collectively responsible to
(a) Judiciary (b) House of the People
(c) Council of States (d) The President

(291) Under which Article of the Constitution of India, the Governor of a state can resume a Bill for the consideration of the President
(a) Article 196 (b) Article 200
(c) Article 202 (d) Article 204

(292)The term federal is derived from the Latin word ‘foedus’ which means
(a) Separation (b) Distribution
(c) Covenant (d) None of these

(293)Which commission has examined the centre- state relations
(a) Sarkaria Commission (b) Sri Krishna Commission
(c) Rajamannar Commission (d) Kher Commission

(294) In the Indian federal system, residuary powers rest with the
(a) Local government (b) State
(c) Judiciary (d) Centre

(295) Unequal representation of states in the Council of States in India indicates
(a) The Federal nature (b) the unitary features
(c) the bicameral features (d) none of these

(296) The chairman of the National Development Council is
(a) Finance Minister (b) Defence Minister
(c) Prime Minister (d) Home Minister

(297)The Indian federal system is largely based on the pattern of
(a) US Federal system (b) Australian Federal system
(c) Swiss Federal system (d) Canadian Federal system

(298)The Constitution of India adopted the federal system from the Act of
(a) 1919 (b) 1935 (c) 1947 (d) 1909

(299) National Integration Council reflects the _________ nature of the Indian Federal system
(a) Federal nature (b) Unitary nature
(c) competitive nature (d) con-federal nature

(300)Madan Mohan Punchi commission was appointed to study
(a) Centre-state relations (b) State reorganization
(c) Panchayat Raj (d) delimitation of constituencies

Answer Keys
(281) (c) 2/3 majority
(282) (d) Both Houses of Parliament
(283) (b) Speaker
(284) (a) Both Houses of Parliament
(285) (d) written answer
(286) (b) Speaker
(287) (d) James Madison
(288) (a) Article 74
(289) (a) Only suspensive veto
(290) (b) House of the People
(291) (b) Article 200
(292) (c) Covenant
(293) (a) Sarkaria Commission
(294) (d) Centre
(295) (b) the unitary features
(296) (c) Prime Minister
(297) (d) Canadian Federal system
(298) (b) 1935
(299) (b) Unitary nature
(300) (a) Centre-state relations

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