TNPSC GK Model Questions Indian Constitution / Polity 221-240

(221) Elections to the local government bodies are made mandatory by which amendment
(a) 72nd 
(b) 73rd
(c) 64th 
(d) 63rd

(222) Panchayath Raj is included in the
(a) Union list 
(b) Concurrent list
(c) State list 
(d) Residuary power

(223)Village Panchayath is organized under which article of the Constitution of India
(a) Article 37 
(b) Article 38
(c) Article 39 
(d) Article 40

(224) Among the following which agency conducts election to the local bodies
(a) National Election Commission 
(b) State Election Commission
(c) Local bodies themselves 
(d) the Government

(225) The chairman of the National Development Council is the
(a) Prime Minister 
(b) President
(c) Vice President 
(d) Governor

(226) Who appoints the chairman of the Finance Commission
(a) The President 
(b) Prime Minister
(c) Council of Ministers 
(d) Vice President

(227) The members of the Council of states in India is elected for a period of
(a) 4 years 
(b) 5 years
(c) 6 years 
(d) life term

(228) The President can’t ________ Lok Sabha
(a) Dissolve 
(b) adjourn
(c) prorogue 
(d) summon

(229) The duration of an ordinance issued by the President of India is
(a) 6weeks 
(b) 1 year
(c) 6 months 
(d) 6 weeks from the date of assembly of the Parliament

(230) All speeches made in the House of People are addressed to
(a) The Prime Minister 
(b) The Speaker
(c) Minister for Parliamentary Affairs 
(d) Respective Ministers

(231) Who promulgates ordinance in states
(a) Governor 
(b) Chief Minister
(c) President 
(d) Chief Justice

(232)Who presides over the joint sitting of the Parliament
(a) President 
(b) Vice President
(c) Speaker 
(d) Chief Justice

(233) The amending power of the Constitution of India is described in Article
(a) 352 
(b) 368 
(c) 360 
(d) 395

(234) The ex-officio chairman of the Council of states is
(a) Speaker 
(b) Vice President
(c) Deputy Speaker 
(d) Deputy Chairman

(235)In India the Council of state is responsible to
(a) The people 
(b) the state
(c) local government 
(d) None of these

(236) The number of the Anglo Indians nominated to the House of People is
(a) 4 
(b) 3 
(c) 2 
(d) 1

(237) The number of nominated members to the council of states is
(a) 18 
(b) 12 
(c) 20 
(d) 16

(238)The number of elected members to the House of the People
(a) 540 
(b) 542 
(c) 543 
(d) 545

(239) Who is the person authorized to conduct the election of the speaker in a newly elected House of the People
in India
(a) Prime Minister 
(b) Speaker
(c) Proterm speaker 
(d) Deputy Speaker

(240)Who was the chairman of the Constitution Drafting Committee
(a) Jawahar Lal Nehru 
(b) Dr B.R. Ambedkar
(c) Dr Rajendra Prasad 
(d) Sardar Vallabhai Patel

Answers Key
(221) (b) 73rd
(222) (c) State list
(223) (d) Article 40
(224) (b) State Election Commission
(225) (a) Prime Minister
(226) (a) The President
(227) (c) 6 years
(228) (b) adjourn
(299) (d) 6 weeks from the date of assembly of the Parliament
(230) (b) The Speaker
(231) (a) Governor
(232) (c) Speaker
(233) (b) 368
(234) (b) Vice President
(235) (b) the state
(236) (c) 2
(237) (b) 12
(238) (c) 543
(239) (c) Proterm speaker
(240) (b) Dr B.R. Ambedkar

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