TNPSC Group 4 Expected Questions with Answers - Set -41

1.The International Court of Justice is located in _________.
(A) New York
(B) Washington
(C) Geneva
(D) The Hague

2.The Great Wall of China is about __________ Km long.
(A) 18,196
(B) 19,196
(C) 20,196
(D) 21,196

3.Who had moved a resolution for the Creation of Pakistan in the Muslim League session of 1940 ?
(A) M.A. Jinnah 
(B) Mohammad Iqbal
(C) Rahmat Ali
(D) Khaliqujjaman

4.On November 1, 1858, Queen Victoria Proclamation was read out at Allahabad by—
(A) Lord William Bentick
(B) Lord Canning 
(C) Lord Bernham
(D) Sir Harcourt Butler.

5.How many coastal states are in India ?
(A)  9
(B)  8
(C) 12
(D) 6

6.The most ideal region for the cultivation of cotton in India is
(A) The Brahmaputra valley
(B) The Indo-Gangetic valley
(C) The Deccan plateau
(D) The Rann of Kutch

7. Local struggles in the form of Peasant movements in Kheda (Gujarat), and workers movement in Ahmedabad occured during-
(A) 1916-1918
(B) 1916-1919
(C) 1916-1921
(D) 1916-1925

8.The Nehru-Liaqat Pact between India and Pakistan was signed  to solve the problem of-
(A) The accession of the Princely States
(B) Minorities
(C) The Border Issues
(D) Foreign Relations

9. Haryana state in India was formed on ____
(A) 1 November 1965
(B) 1 November 1966
(C) 1 November 1967
(D) 1 November 1968

10.When was Jawaharlal Nehru first elected as Congress president?
(A) 1925
(B) 1924
(C) 1928
(D) 1929

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