TNPSC Group 4 Expected Questions with Answers - Set - 29

1. Which is not a computer classification?
(A) mainframe
(B) maxframe
(C) mini
(D) notebook
Answer: (B)

2. A set of information that defines the status of resources allocated to a process is ...
(A) Process control
(C) Register unit
(D) Process description
Answer: (D)

3.CD-ROM stands for
(A) Compact Disk Read Only Memory
(B) Combined Disk Read Only Memory
(C) Compact Disk for Read Only Mode
(D) Combined Disk for Read Only Mode
Answer: (A)

4.The Computer keyboardin English normally uses-
(A) Abcdef base
(B) Asdbh base
(C) QWERT base
(D) none of the above
Answer: (C)

5.The first Macintosh computer was from
(A) First generation
(B) Second generation
(C) Third generation
(D) Fourth generation
Answer: (D)

6.Magnetic Ink Character Recognition is an example of
(A) Output device
(B) Input device
(C) Musice device
(D)None of these

7.Optical Mark Reading and Recognition (OMR) is-
(A) Display unit
(B) Document reader
(C) Document writer
(D) both B & C
Answer: (B)

8.Which of the following produces the best quality graphics reproduction?
(A) Laser printer
(B) Plotter
(C) Dot matrix printer
(D) Ink jet printer
Answer: (B)

9.The device that allows us to transfer pictures and photographs to our computer-
(A) scanner
(B) input device
(C) mouse
(D) printer
Answer:  (A)

10. Which of the following is not a form of data?
(A) numbers and characters
(B) images
(C) sound
(D) none of above
Answer: (D)

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