TNPSC Group 4 Expected English Questions with Answers - Set - 32

1.Arrange the given options and make a proper sequence-
 When he
P : did not know
Q : he was nervous and
R : heard the hue and cry at midnight
S : what to do
The Proper sequence should be:

2.Select the correct analogy of-
(A) mulish : tractable
(B) trepidation : confident
(C) impecunious : penny
(D) gloomy : morose

3.The peon _______(ring) the bell.
(A) rung
(B) rings
(C) is ringing
(D) will ring

4. Select the synonym for "BROOK"-
(A) Friend
(B) Tolerate
(C) Polish
(D) Enemy

5.Rakesh _________(bring) me a gift on my birthday.
(A) brought
(B) will bring
(C) is bringing
(D) has brought

6.When I first met Mahi he _________(work) in a restaurant.
(A) is working
(B) worked
(C) was working
(D) works

7. Select an antonym of "FOE"-
(A) Enemy
(B) Foul
(C) Fail
(D) Fraud

8.Find the nearest meaning to the given word-
(D)Disguisedly sarcastic

9.Join the split parts to make a meaningful sentence. The correct order of parts is the answer.
(a) I
(b) immediately
(c) salary
(d) my
(e) want
(A) dcaeb
(B) aedcb
(C) beadc
(D) dbcea

10. Select the analogy of the given word-
(A) lion : hungry
(B) cow : herbivorous
(C) pen : write
(D) tree : forest
Answer: (B)

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