TNPSC Group 4 Expected English Questions with Answers - Set - 31

1.Find out the word or phrase nearest in meaning to the given word
(A) to hint
(B) frighten 
(C) bluff
(D) harass    

2.Find out the word or phrase opposite in meaning to the given word
(A) disbalance
(B) misbalance
(C) debalance
(D) imbalance

3.Find out the analogy for the given word-
(A) baleful : tolerate
(B) ameliorate : amenable
(C) join : conjoin
(D) candid : beget

4.The officer who had neglected to files his income tax returns had to ____________.
(A) return the files
(B) pay a fine
(C) be rewarded
(D) play mischief

5.What should be the correct sequence of the given sentence?
I read an advertisement that said
P : posh, air-conditioned
Q : gentleman of taste
R : are available for
S : fully furnished rooms
The Proper sequence should be:

6. Please remove the_________.
(A) redo
(B) rid
(C) reed
(D) read

7. People must help the poor whole__________.
(A) heartedly
(B) heart
(C) hearts
(D) none of the above

8.The children have been playing for_____.
(A) two
(B) to
(C) too
(D)none of the above

9.I have never known so wet______ summer.
(A) this
(B) a
(C) the
(D) an

10.Select the correct tense form-
When are you going to Delhi?
(A) present continuous
(B) simple present
(C) past perfect
(D) none of the above

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