TNPSC Group 4 Expected English Questions with Answers - Set - 25

The aspirants appearing at various competitive examinations are always in a deep need and search of comparatively easy to understand and useful study contents on English. With this key point in mind we are providing you  numerous questions for your reference that are intelligently selected and it is covering all examination oriented topics and few questions are taken from different competitive examinations.

1.Join the splited parts to make a meaningful sentence. The correct order of parts is the answer.
c) salary
d) my
e) want  
(A) dcaeb
(B) aedcb
(C) beadc
(D) dbcea
Answer: (B)

2.Select the correct analogy of-
(A) mulish : tractable
(B) trepidation : confident
(C) impecunious : penny
(D) gloomy : morose
Answer: (D)

3.The peon _______(ring) the bell.
(A) rung
(B) rings
(C) is ringing
(D) will ring
Answer: (D)

4. Select the synonym for "BROOK"-
(A) Friend
(B) Tolerate
(C) Polish
(D) Enemy
Answer: (B)

5.Rakesh _________(bring) me a gift on my birthday.
(A) brought
(B) will bring
(C) is bringing
(D) has brought
Answer: (A)

6.When I first met Mahi he _________(work) in a restaurant.
(A) is working
(B) worked
(C) was working
(D) works
Answer: (C) 

7. Select an antonym for "FOE"-
(A) Enemy
(B) Foul
(C) Fail
(D) Fraud
Answer: (A) 

8.Who _________(make ) tea today?
(A) is going to make
(B) makes
(C) make
(D) made
Answer: (A) 

9. I_____________(believe) it when I see it.
(A) am believing
(B) will believe
(C) can believe
(D) shall believe
Answer: (D)

10.Select the correct adverb-
(A) daily
(B) new
(C) big
(D) none of the above
Answer: (A)

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