TNPSC General English Original Questions - 12

81. 'That is where our hopes lie for the realization of the second vision'.
What is Kalam's second vision? Choose the right option from the following
(A) Developed India
(C) India 2020
(B) Free India
(D) Action oriented India
Answer: A

82. "They do not realize I can fulfil any ambition". What does this line from "You can't be that... " reveal?
(A) people have fixed mindsets
(B) people don't allow others to do things as they like
(C) by consulting others, one should try to fulfil one's ambition
(D) one should be determined in one's attempt to fulfil one's ambition
Answer: D

83. In the poem "Our Local Team", Who played a significant and convincing role?
(A) The 'snoring' captain
(B) The 'demon' bowler
(C) The 'slogger' batsman
(D) The 'biased' umpire
Answer: D

84. Which among the options is closest in meaning to "monolith"?
(A) single mural painted on the wall of a temple
(B) single nandhi made up of mortar
(C) single idol of lingam occupying the sanctum sanctorum
(D) single but huge block of granite stone
Answer: D

85. The word 'curtains' in British English is -----in American English.
(A) casket
(B) peels
(C) screens
(D) drapes
Answer: D

86. Which among the options is an American English equivalent of the word  Chips'?
(A) French Fries
(B) Chefs
(C) Crunchies
(D) Munchies
Answer: A

87. 'Fall' is called in British English.
(A) winter
(B) summer
(C) autumn
(D) spring
Answer: C

88. The right American English equivalent of the word, 'Chemist' is
(A) drugger
(B) drapier
(C) druggist
(D) narcissist 
Answer: C

89. Match the following:
(a) D.R. Lawrence          1.Goodmen perform just deeds
(b) Lampman                  2.Manliness
(c) Kipling                      3.Piano
(d) Famida Y. Basheer   4.Migrant Bird
     (a)  (b) (c) (d)
(A) 3   2   4   1
(B) 3   1   2   4
(C) 3   1   4   2
(D) 3   4   1   2
Answer: B

90. The story, "Two Friends" is set in
(A) America
(B) Russia
(C) England
(D) France
Answer: D

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