TNPSC General English Original Questions - 10

71. In which poem do the following lines appear :
They ran a dusty little shop
For bicycle repairing
And bought each other soda-pop
And praised each other's daring.
(A) No men are foreign
(B) With a friend
(C) To cook and eat
(D) The flying wonder
Answer: D

72. Identify the poet who wrote the following lines :
"Life is real! Life is earnest!
And the grave is not its goal"
(A) Ralph Waldo Emerson
(B) H. W. Longfellow
(C) V.K Gokak
(D) D.H. Lawrence 
Answer: B

73. "The Book of Indian Birds" is a famous work by
(A) Zai Whitaker
(B) Dr. Salim Ali
(C) Paul Laurence Dunbar
(D) Lakshmi Mukundan
Answer: B 

74. "She left India as a student, but she would see the nation of her birth, all of it, from hundreds of miles above" - Whose words are these?
(A) Nelson Mandela 
(B) George W. Bush
(C) Barack Obama 
(D) Manmohan Singh
Answer: B

75. According to the Doctrine of Lapse, the British could take over the kingdom from an Indian ruler who
(A) lost the war
(B) died without a natural heir
(C) indulged in corruption
(D) died because of a terrible disease
Answer: B

76. In Julius Caesar, Brutus says, " .... not that I Loved Caesar less, but that I Loved Rome more". The above line means
(A) The speaker loved Caesar very much
(B) The speaker loved Rome very much
(C) The speaker loved Rome more than he loved Caesar
(D) The speaker loved Caesar more than he loved Rome 
Answer: C

77. Who remarked, ''Millionaire models are rare enough, but Joe! Model Millionaires are rarer still", in Oscar Wilde's "The Model Millionaire"?
(A) Hughie 
(B) Baron Hausberg
(C) Laura Merton 
(D) Alan Trevor
Answer: D

78. In Oscar Wilde's 'The Model Millionaire' why do you consider the model's face his fortune?
(A) because he looked miserable
(B) because he was very poor
(C) because he looked happy
(D) because he looked serious
Answer: A

79. In Oscar Wilde's 'The Model Millionaire'. Baron Hausberg was interested in knowing about Hughie because
(A) Hughie was young and handsome
(B) Hughie was jobless
(C) Hughie was sympathetic
(D) Hughie was Trevor's friend
Answer: C

80. In Oscar Wilde's 'The Selfish Giant', the song of the bird was melodious for the giant because
(A) he had invited the bird
(B) he had been longing to hear the bird's song
(C) he loved the song
(D) he hated the song
Answer: B

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