TNPSC: General English for all competitive Exams - 2

1. Pangolin and Dassie were _______
a. enermies
b. relative
c. friends
d. partners
Answer: b

2. Select the correct option to complete the sentence: Ornithologister refer to people ________
a. who study eyes
b. who study culture
c. who study fossil
d. who study birds
Answer: d

3. What is the theme of the poem " Women's Rights"?
a. The poet's love for the country
b. The poet praises the noble qualities of women
c. The poet praises the Men-dominated society
d. The poet's love for the children
Answer: b

4. Mentions the poem in which the following lines appear:
" Life is real!
And the grave is not its goal:'
Find out the correct option from the following
a. Where the mind is without fear
b. English Words
c. A tiger in the zoo
d. A Psalm of life
Answer: d

5.Pick out the words in alliteration in " The barren boughts without the leaves". Find out the corrent ansnwer from the following options
a. Without leaves
b. barren leaves
c. bought with leaves
d. barren boughs
Answer: d

6. 'I spread my wings through all the din: Through fears and fright I fly my flight". Idendify the group of words which has alliteration in them - Find out the correct answer from the options given below:
a.  throught all the din
b. spread my wings
c.  through fears
d.  through fears and fright I fly my flight
Answer: d

7. 'O ye wheels' (breaking out in a mad moaning) "Stop! be silent for today!' The figure of speech used here is _________
a. Simile
b. Personification
c. Metaphor
d.  Repetition
Answer: b

8. "Someone was before me at my water-trough, And I like a secOnd comer, waiting”.Who was the second comer?. Pick out the correct answer from the options given below 
a. DH. Lawrence ' 
b. Lewis Carroll a
c. William Wordsworth 
d. Walt Whitman
Answer: a

19. Find the unmatched pair from the following options:
a. A close encounter - Rex Coker 
b. The model Millionaire - Oscar Wilde
c. wept away - Susannah Hickling 
d. Caught sneezing - Tammy Ruggles
Answer: d

20. . Choose the correct person, who uttered the following sentence, selecting from the options given below. “The highest result of education is tolerance”
a. RabindranathTagore
b. Swami Vivekananda
c. elen Keller
d. Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam
Answer: c

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