Tamil Nadu GK (General Knowledge) Important Questions with Answers - 2

24. What is the state fruit of Tamilnadu ?
(A) Banana 
(B) Mango 
(C) Guava 
(D) jackfruit 
Answer: D

25. What is the area of Tamil Nadu?
(A) 50,215 sq. mi. 
(B) 77,857 sq. mi. 
(C) 36,523 sq. mi. 
(D) 28,412 sq. mi. 
Answer: A

26. Total Number of Districts of Tamilnadu state ?
(A) 34 
(B) 32 
(C) 28 
(D) 30 
Answer: B

27. Number of International Airports in Tamilnadu ?
(A) 3 
(B) 5 
(C) 4 
(D) 2 
Answer: C

28. Mid day meal scheme in Tamilnadu was Introduced by Which former Chief minister ?
(A) K Kamraj 
(B) M G Ramachandran 
(C) M Karunanidhi 
(D) None of these 
Answer: A

29. The DANIDA-TNAHCP initiative of Tamil nadu is related to which among the following sectors?
(A) Infrastructure 
(B) Health 
(C) Education 
(D) Industry 
Answer: B

30. Total number of Loksabha Constituencies in Tamilnadu ?
(A) 42 
(B) 25 
(C) 36 
(D) 39 
Answer: D

31. From the following Which Public sector bank headquarters is located in Tamilnadu state ?
(A) Bank of Baroda 
(B) Canara bank 
(C) Union bank of India 
(D) Indian Overseas bank 
Answer: B

32. Whose nickname is “Mango of Salem” ?
(A) K Kamaraj 
(B) PT Rajan 
(C) C Raja gopalachari 
(D) M Karunanidhi 
Answer: C

33. In which year Madras state was renamed as Tamilnadu ?
(A) 1952 
(B) 1962 
(C) 1966 
(D) 1969 
Answer: D

34. In which year, name Chennai from Madras was officially changed ?
(A) 1993 
(B) 1995 
(C) 1997 
(D) 1998 
Answer: B

35. In which year, Madras State was renamed as Tamilnadu?
(A) 1960 
(B) 1963 
(C) 1969 
(D) 1972 
Answer: C

36. What is the name of seat of Corporation of Chennai?
(A) Chelmsford Building 
(B) Ripon Building 
(C) Cornwallis Building 
(D) Dalhousie Building 
Answer: B

37. Vijayalaya Chola established Which of the following as new capital ?
(A) Madurai 
(B) Thanjavur 
(C) Krishnagiri 
(D) Tiruchi 
Answer: B

38. Koodal is old name of Which city ?
(A) Tiruppur 
(B) Tirunelveli 
(C) Madurai 
(D) None of these 
Answer: C

39. Which City is largest Knitwear exporter ?
(A) Salem 
(B) Coimbatore 
(C) Andipatti 
(D) Tirupur 
Answer: C

40. In 1956 there are ______ number of districts in Tamilnadu ?
(A) 19 
(B) 20 
(C) 24 
(D) 13 
Answer: D

41. From the following Which city is called “Manchestar of South India ” ?
(A) Coimbatore 
(B) Chennai 
(C) Tirunelveli 
(D) Namakkal 
Answer: A

42. Theni distict is split from Which district in 1997 ?
(A) Madurai 
(B) Coimbatore 
(C) Tiruchirappalli 
(D) None of these 
Answer: A

43. Which of the following state is North to Tamilnadu ?
(A) Kerala 
(B) Karnataka 
(C) Andhra pradesh 
(D) None of these 
Answer: C

44. What is the Rank of Tamilnadu among Indian states by area ?
(A) 14 
(B) 13 
(C) 12
(D) 11 
Answer: D

45. What is the Rank of Tamilnadu among Indian states by Literacy ?
(A) 14 
(B) 13 
(C) 12
(D) 11 
Answer: A

46. Yercaud hill station is located in Which district ?
(A) Tiruchirappalli 
(B) Salem 
(C) Erode 
(D) Tirunelveli 
Answer: B

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