Important Current Affairs for all Competitive Exams

1. Who became the 24th Governor of RBI (Reserve Bank of India)?
a. Subir Gokam
b. Raghuram Rajan
c. Urjit Patel
d. Y.V.Reddy
Answer: Urjit Patel

2. Name of the First state to retify GST 
a. Bihar
b. Tamil Nadu
c. New Delhi
d. Rajasthan
Answer: Rajasthan

3. In total how many bank accounts have been opened under PMJDY scheme?
a. 276.7 Million
b. 276.8 Million
c. 278.7 Million
d. 256.7 Million
Answer: 276.7 Million

4. Which are the two telecom companies in India merged recently?
a. R.Com and Aircel
b. R-com and Jio
c. Airtel and Vodafone
d. None of the above
Answer: Airtel and Vodafone

5. India's exports declined marginally in August 2016 by how much percent?
a. 0.4 %
b. 0.8 %
c. 0.9 %
d. 0.7 %
Answer: 0.8 %

6. India has been placed at which rank in the World Bank's 2016 Logistics Performance Index (LPI) among 160 countries?
a. 28
b. 30
c. 05
d. 10
Answer: 28

7. The Centre has launched Ganga Gram Yojana to develop how many villages in Uttar Pradesh?
a. 2500
b. 750
c. 1800
d. 3542
Answer: 1800

8. State Bank of India's board of directors has approved merger of how many of its associate banks?
a. 03
b. 02
c. 04
d. 05
Answer: 03

9. India's imports declined by how much per cent in July 2016?
a. 10
b. 15
c. 17
d. 16
Answer: 17

10. India and Which country has signed as agreement in the area of Maritime Transport to step up co-operation on the seas?
a. Eqypt
b. Canada
c. Sri Lanka
d. Thailand
Answer: Canada.

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