95% of rape accused known to victims, reveals 2015 Data

 95% of rape accused known to victims, reveals 2015 Data
Ninety-five per cent of the perpetrators in rape cases in 2015 were known to their victims, figures released by by the National Crime Records Bureau reveal. And the home or workplace seems to be the most dangerous place for a woman -in 40% cases, the perpetrator was a relative, neighbour or coworker.

Police across India lodged around 34,651 cases under section 376 of the IPC last year. The number of victims were 34,771.Maharashtra figured in the top three states with the most number of rape cases lodged, with Madhya Pradesh leading the list after registering 4,391 offences. Maharashtra was a close second with 4,144 cases, followed by Rajasthan (3,644). A look at the offender list shows that an overwhelming perpetrators are known to the victim. Over 40% form the familyneighbourco-worker axis of offenders. Neighbours are the worst offenders and are accused in 9,508 cases (28.72%), a blood relative -grandfatherfatherbrotherson were accused in 488 cases, close family members in 891, extended relatives in 1,788, employers or co-workers in 557 and live-in partners or ex husbands in 705 cases. False promise of marriage figured in 7,655, the largest block of offenders -11,506 cases -were classified as other known persons.In 1.553 cases, the offenders were not identified.

Sexual offences against children, prosecuted under the new Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act, shows a similar trend. Of the 8,800 POCSO cases, in 8341 (94%) instances, the accused were known to the victim

Source: The Times of India

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