TNPSC Group 4 Important Questions Based on Syllabus History Series - 8

71.Pondicherrry was under the possession of ______
(A) Britain
(B) Portugal
(C) France 
(D) None of the above
Answer: (C)

72. On which basis the British government passed the Indian Independence Act of 1947?
(A) Two nation theory
(B) Bombay plan
(C) Cripp's mission 
(D) Mountbatten plan
Answer: (D)

73.In which of following act, amount of one lakh rupees was earmarked for education?
(A)Chartered Act 1833
(B)Chartered Act 1813
(C)Chartered Act 1856
(D)Chartered Act 1793
Answer: (B)

74.Which of following statement is incorrect about the 1857 Revolt?
(A) Kunwar Singh revolted from Lucknow
(B) This Revolt could not attract Masses
(C) Greased Cartridge was immediate cause of revolt
(D) Bahadur Shah Zafar was proclaimed as emperor of India in the initial stage of revolt
Answer: (A)

75.Where was Quit India Resolution passed?
(A) Delhi
(B) Bombay
(C) Calcutta
(D) Punjab
Answer: (B)

76. Who put forth the Two-nation theory?
(A) Salimullah Khan
(B) Fateh Ali Khan
(C) Kasim Ali
(D) Muhammad Ali Jinnah
Answer: (D)

77.Which of the following is not true of the Cabinet Mission plan ? 
(A) It rejected the creation of a separate State of Pakistan. 
(B) It recognized India’s right to secede from the Common wealth. 
(C) All members of the Indian Cabinet are to be Indians. 
(D) It gave scope to the communal representation
Answer: (D)

78. Who among the following organized the famous Chittagong Armoury raid ? 
(A) Laxmi Sehgal 
(B) Surya Sen 
(C) Batukeshwar Dutta 
(D) J.M. Sengupta 
Answer: (B)

79.The Simon Commission was appointed to enquire into the working of-
(A) The Act of 1919
(B) Arms Act 
(C) The Act of 1878
(D) Indian Independence Act
Answer: (A)

80.The American publicist who was with Mahatma Gandhi during his ‘Quit India’ movement was _____ 
(A) Louis Fischer 
(B) William L. Shiver 
(C) Web Miller 
(D) Negley Farson 
Answer: (C)

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