Important and Expected TNPSC Group - 4 Exam 2016 General Studies / General Knowledge

1. GNP is different from GDP as the former includes ______
Answer: Net income from abroad

2. Where is situated National Rural Development Institute ______
Answer: Hyderabad in Telangana

3. The 'milk-fever' in animals is due to the deficiency of _______
Answer: Calcium Nutrient

4. Who was written the book of ' Agriculture can not wait' is written by _______
Answer: Dr.M.S.Swaminathan

5. Where is the Ozone layer in the sky______
Answer: Stratosphere

6. Which planet nearest to the earth _______
Answer: Venus

7. Who was the chairman of 'NITI Aayog?
Answer: Prime Minister of India (Narendra Modi)

8. When was RBI nationalized ?
Answer: 1949

9. The carbon dating method is used for determining the age of _____
Answer: Fossils

10. To an astronaut sky appears ______
Answer: Dark 

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