TNPSC Group 4 General Studies - Science Questions with Answers

1. If an electron is completely detached from an atom 
A. the atom is at absolute zero 
B. the atom is an isotope 
C. the atom is in its ground state 
D. the atom is ionized 
Answer: D

2. Our sun is 
A. not yet a main-sequence star but will be soon (in about 10 million years). 
B. near the start of its main-sequence lifetime. 
C. near the end of its main-sequence lifetime. 
D. about half-way through its main-sequence lifetime.
Answer: D

3. carbon-14 and carbon-12 are ___ of the element carbon. 
A. spectral lines 
B. matter and anti-matter forms 
C. energy levels 
D. ions 
E. isotopes
Answer: E

4. Which of these lists is arranged in order of decreasing energy per photon? 
A. gamma rays, visible light, radio waves, microwaves 
B. gamma rays, visible light, microwaves, radio waves 
C. visible light, microwaves, gamma rays, radio waves 
D. radio waves, microwaves, visible light, gamma rays 
Answer: B

5.Which of the following types of light has the shortest wavelength? 
A. ultraviolet 
B. x-ray 
C. visible 
D. radio 
Answer: B

6. A spectrograph may be used to determine 
A. the chemical composition of incandescent light bulbs. 
B. the chemical composition of the sun and the other stars. 
C. the distance to the sun. 
D. the positions of the stars. 
E. future solar eclipse dates, times, and places. 
Answer: B

7. Most of the carbon dioxide in the earth's early atmosphere has 
A. Been used by plants. 
B. Been absorbed by animals. 
C. Escaped into space. 
D. Formed into rocks. 
Answer: D

8. The fusion process that powers main-sequence stars turns 
A. hydrogen into helium. 
B. silicon into iron. 
C. carbon, nitrogen, and oxygen into iron. 
D. helium into carbon, nitrogen, and oxygen. 
Answer: A

9.which device is used to measure the wavelength of X-rays?
A. Framing square
B. Spectrometer
C. Manometer
D. SWR meter
Answer: B

10. Which instrument is used to measure atmospheric humidity?
A. Tintometer
B. Hygrometer
C. Thermometer
D. None of these above
Answer: B

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