Important and Expected TNPSC Group 4 Exam General Studies / General Knowledge

1. The Power to form new states or change the boundaries or Change the names of existing states rests with _____*
Answer: The Parliament

2. Under which plan did the British Government decide the partition of India and to leave India?*
Answer: Mount Batten

3. The Directive Principles of State Policy are contained in ______
Answer: Part IV of Commission

4. The President has the power to nominate  two members to the Lok Sabha belonging to ______*
Answer: Anglo-Indian Community

5. Who won the French Open Tennis Tournament, 2015 in Men Singles
Answer: Stan Wawrinka (Swiss) He won 2014 Australian Open also)

6. Which state is called Food Basket of India and Grain Storage of India?
Answer: Punjab

7. In Which State in India's first Water Metro Project launched?*
Answer: Kerala

8. The largest tributary of the Indus river is ______
Answer: Sutlej

9. Indian Green Revolution has been most successful in ______
Answer: Wheat and Rice

10. Who is the next 24th RBI (Reserve Bank of India) Governer ?*

(*Most Expected Questins)

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