Important and Expected TNPSC Group 4 Exam General Studies / General Knowledge

1. Who was the Congress President When India became free.?
Answer: J.B. Kripalani

2. Shri Harikota range, the centre for launching satellites in Inia is situated in _______.
Answer: Andhra Pradesh  (Note; Satish Dhawan Space Centre or Sriharikota High Altitude Range (SHAR)

3. Which write is a bulwark of personal freedom?
Answer; Habeas Corpus

4. Which commission was constituted under Article 324 of the Indian Constitution?
Answer: Election Commission 

5. Which amendment of the Constitution accorded precedence to the Directive principles over Fundamental Right?
Answer: 42nd Amendment

6. The Vice-President of India is also the _______.
Answer: Ex-officio Chairman of Rajya Sabha

7. Hunter Committee was appointed by the British to probe into the _______
Answer: Jallianwala Bagh incident (1919)

8. Who was the perfect player of Vina (Music) among Mughal rulers?
Answer: Aurangzeb

9. After the decline of the Guptas a large part of North India was reunited by_____
Answer: Harshawardhana

10.Who made this remark about Cripp's proposal 'it was a post dated cheque on a crashing bank'?
Answer: M.K.Gandhi

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